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28 September, 2009

MUSIC is an outburst of the SOUL

The last class was all about Perfect Pearls and different ways of using them. Unfortunately not everything would fit on the page but few was is enough to make an interesting background. The rubber stamps I used here are great "Chorus" plate from Darkroom door and "Face Curtain" from Cherry Pie.

Now I'm off to lovely Busselton for well deserved break.

20 September, 2009


I have this thing about the messy desk. I am able to create for days under the mess around me until I reach certain point when it makes me nervous and I can't stand it. Usually it takes days until I finish with clearing, storing and cleaning. Than I usually end up with many unfinished "great ideas" that I keep in box for better days when they will finished. Well today I had one of those days when the mess got me. I decided to finish off some of the ATC's by using all the embellishments, paper leftovers and anything that I had laying on my desk for weeks. At the end of the day I ended up with 11 new ATC's clean desk ready for new projects.

18 September, 2009

Foil tape technique, some cards and award

This is my page for the Foil Tape Technique (Tech book 2) which had to wait for 2 weeks because as usually I've been too busy with some other important things in my life: my FAMILY!!! My Mum arrived nearly 3 weeks ago and I've been spending a lot of time showing her around, catching up with my cousins, enjoying Mum's cooking and feeling like a little girl again.

I don't know why I always wait until the last minute to make cards for certain occasions but I stress on a regular basis and finish them while putting on the make up for the party. The cards below are birthday cards for my cousin's 50th and two of his kids (I still wonder how he managed to have one kid born the day before his birthday and one the day after).

My first award which I received from lovely Sam Marshall.

Thank you so much, Sam!!!

03 September, 2009

Beeswax Technique

I finally caught up with my Technique book 2. It's not only the time factor that interferes with my creativity but the thinking process. I can't help it: I'm a "thinker" and most of the time it takes ages until the theme, layout, technique and my satisfaction meet on the page. Here we are: