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24 December, 2009


As promised here is the finished book.

23 December, 2009

All in One = Finished

The Technique Book 2 is finished. The last two pages are the combination of different techniques where I used leftovers and bits and pieces. I have done binding as well but the battery for my camera needs recharging so the picks will be posted a bit later. All in all I'm very happy with this book and hope you will like it as well. Thank you all for lovely comments and encouragement on the way. I wish you all great Christmas and Happy, healthy and safe New 2010.

16 December, 2009

Inkjet Transfer

Wondering if I slept last night? The answer is yes but it's been one of those mornings when everything fits into place. The last page for the ATC Tech Book 2.

I also managed to finish few more ATC's on Inkjet transfers...

And few more that have been laying for a while...

15 December, 2009


Hick ups with computer resolved and I have it back again. I felt really embarrassed when the technician told me that it was full of dust. Anyway it is clean, working and all my data is saved. That’s all that counts, isn’t it?

Well the time without the computer made my Mum very happy so she decided it was great opportunity to do some make over’s in and around the house which involved hips of money and my labour. Don’t misunderstand this statement; I’m glad she made me do all those things. The only problem is my chronically limited spare time so I ended up without Christmas preparation. This year there won’t be any Christmas cards, presents etc. as I didn’t do any shopping but I ended up with the best present for myself: beautiful garden and new floors.

Of course I struggled even with finishing the page for the Tech book 2 using smoosh technique and magic stamp for ATC’s. "Heartbroken" but happy it's over.

I have to print some images for tonight's class so no time (again) for any writing.