Retrieved from Ashes

23 November, 2011

I'm still around

Yes, I am around but it's been very busy time. Painting the house proved to be too big job when combined with commitments at work. Not that I painted myself, there are professionals to do the job, but still moving the furniture, cleaning was big enough. The most difficult part was clearing the stuff from my studio but the outcome was more than satisfactory: I finally know what I really have!!!! Almost everything has been sorted and labeled so I don't loose too much time looking for things in the middle of inspiration. I have set up a little workshop in my garden for all the dirty work and the furniture for my indoor studio has been designed (even though it is going to take few months to have it installed).
So last evening I finally managed to finish some projects I started long, long time ago. There are still many of them awaiting to have the final touches but summer and longer days are coming and it is going to be easier to create.

21 September, 2011

Paper Stacks

Once again it's been a while since my last post. The computer problems turned into disaster so I was left without it for nearly 2 months (unbelievable that it takes so long to reinstall some programs. If I did know what was a problem I would've done it myself but...)
In mean time I have been creating and most of my creations were given away to friends and family members. I have been shopping lots of beautiful things from all around the world. I was away for a week attending the conference and having some relaxing time beside work. I also enrolled into two new on-line classes but they will wait for a while because I'm facing some home improvements. Seth Apter's call for collaboration on "Paper Stacks" came just in right moment: I'm moving my little studio into the shed for short period while the painters finish their part. In few months time I will repeat this proces again because my studio will have some very cool storage solutions and hopefully be more "user friendly".

So here is my entry for the collaboration.

Very soon I will post some of the projects I have finished and also update my progress on the book "Gathered".

30 July, 2011

New page

I'm waiting for few bits to arrive from USA and the book "Gathered" will be finished.

22 July, 2011

I'm a thinker

Since return from the retreat I have been trying to finish the book before returning to work (once I start working there is not going to be much time left for creating). I admire people who manage to get all their ideas and material together during 2-3 day-retreat. I simply can't because I'm a thinker. Each new page I start, each layout, choice of colours and embellishments, everything I touch takes time until I manage to satisfy myself with a finished detail. Therefore I came to the conclusion: NO RETREATS anymore. I function much better in own environment.
In my last post there are pictures of the pages I finished on the retreat but I wasn't happy with lots of things. Therefore I have made some changes.

A bit closer...

18 July, 2011


I finally managed to download some programs on my old lap top. It took me half a day for all of this mainly because I needed to download all updates before I could even think of anything else. My "new" computer has gone for repair and will be back in 4-6 weeks. Nothing I can do about this but to be patient.

Last week I spent 4 days in Dwellingup (Western Australia) where 14 of us attended workshop with Nina Bagley and created altered book "Gatherings".

Here are some details (photos are not the best but better will come latter).

17 July, 2011

Major computer problems

It's been nearly 4 months since my last post mainly due to the problems with my computer. There are several reasons but I haven't stopped creating in mean time. As soon as I recover my little friend I will be posting more frequently.

20 March, 2011

Collectors Edition

I have been following Seth Apter's "Collectors Edition" for months and it's been interesting to see what kind of stuff people collect.

My collections are versatile and it would be impossible to display them all simply because it would take days to photograph or scan them. All my life I have been gathering stuff because of personal sentiments. Since I discovered altered art my collections took another direction: rusty metal, worn our books, old bits and pieces.

here is the small display of many things I collect, all scattered throughout my home and awaiting the moment to be used in my art...

1. Book covers

2. Metal tins

3. Bits and pieces (as older and dirtier as better)

4. Rubber stamps (everyone's astonishing about my investment)

14 February, 2011

Before giving away

I bought big piece of green watercolour paper years ago with good intention to make Christmas cards for my friends. Since I don't like making cards (meaning my friends have never received any of handmade cards) this paper has been lying around and moved from one spot to another so many times.
Being in mood of recycling and clearing all the corners at home I decided to try to alter it (you can always throw things away if you don't like it).
Eventually I did like what became from scattering acrylic inks around.

Suddenly new book cover started emerging... Perfect for a birthday present for a friend.

04 February, 2011

Bookbinding and Altered recycled paper

Firstly they were miniature...

... than bigger ...

...and bigger...

...until finally all displayed...

25 January, 2011

Altering recycled paper

Since I've been busting US economy too frequently lately I made decision to spend at least less money on paper. Well, paper is essential in my art so I had to look for the alternative. Recycled paper appeared to be good idea. Adding texture and painting the large pieces of paper is a messy and time consuming job but I'm happy with the results.

22 January, 2011

Texture and bookbinding

Combination of different techniques, materials, texture and bookbinding.

13 January, 2011


Bookbinding is itching me for a long time and finally I got the time to try different ways of binding.

Most of the time I spent practicing Coptic stitch (just because I kept messing up - lesson learned: don't try to watch tennis at the same time). For the cover pages I used different materials and techniques:

1. Soldering

2. Etching

3. Painting:

Some books are bigger...

...some smaller...

Raven's Foot Binding

...but this is my favourite:

Piano Hinge Binding