Retrieved from Ashes

14 August, 2010

Drops of a sporting career retrieved from ashes

John Buchan:
As we age, the mystery of Time more and more dominates the mind. We live less in the present, which no longer has the solidity that it had in youth; less in the future, for the future every day narrows its span. The abiding things lie in the past...

After more than 4 months I finally finished Mum's book (just in time as she is leaving in 5 days). Initially I wanted to tell the story about this book but now... It is still very painful to dig into past and I don't want to go there anymore. Years have passed and we all have moved forward with our lives. This book is a tribute to my mother, her sporting career and life she had once. Many photos, press articles, diplomas and medals were lost in war time but we are grateful that we survived.
The post is very long and there are still many details I wanted to share but all of them will be available on the Slide Show very soon.

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Page by pageIvo Andric:

Steps are such a usual, everyday sound which sometimes can awake different memories…

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Drops of a sporting career


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