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31 August, 2009

Faded Memories

Here is the page for the Technique Book 2 - Soot technique:


Soot Technique

Just catching up on Technique Book 2.

27 August, 2009

More spothlight technique

Was it me that said "spotlight technique was not my favourite technique"? Well...

22 August, 2009

Last page

The last page for the Swallow Book is finally finished. As usually scanner is letting me down but there is nothing I can do about it.

15 August, 2009

I'm still making ATC's

It's been a while since I made ATC's. Even though I'm two pages behind for my Technique book 2, I played a bit with the Perfect Pearls this morning.

I'll be back onto Technique book 2 soon.

14 August, 2009

Back to Swallow Book

This week I've been working on few projects one of which is the Swallow book. I wasn't happy with my back cover I made in class so I decided to rip off the original and start again. And this is the end result...

But the book is not finished yet. The last bit is still drying and hopefully the book will be completed sometime next week.

07 August, 2009

One more to go

My left ear has been aching since yesterday. The painkiller I took yesterday made me feel even worse so that beside ear ache I'm suffering from nausea and dizziness as well. How good is that? So I've been wandering around the place and trying to put the finishing touches on the Swallow Book hopeful that would help healing process. Well... there is no help for the above problems but I'm at least satisfied that this book is coming to its end.

To be continued...

Her Scars

Old project finished!

05 August, 2009

Etched Necklace and Swallow Book

Here is my etched necklace I did last Saturday. I have to admit that I enjoyed the class until the jewellery part. I never did something similar and was totally lost holding all the tools, wire and so on… This is definitively not for me. I enjoyed etching big deal and will definitively try to explore more but jewellery…big NO!

All the girls in class made beautiful stuff although my favourite is Brenda’s necklace. Brenda is a friend of mine and it is pity that she doesn’t have a blog yet but her art is great and definitively needs to be shown.

I’m advancing with the Swallow Book as well. Altered cigar box:

To be continued...

03 August, 2009

"Swallowed" few more

Although I attended another class today, Jen's "Etched necklace", I haven't finished it yet simply because it's too dark to fiddle with the miniature book. Therefore while dinner was in the oven and my house underwent self cleaning process I decided to finish few more pages for the Swallow Book.

Even though I still have to finish few more pages I couldn't resist the cover page. It is pity that the scanner doesn't show the true colours and effects.

To be continued...

02 August, 2009

Page by page

Managed to finish few more pages before going to work.

To be continued...

01 August, 2009

What a day!!!

My head is still spinning...Today's class with Jen Crossley has been such an overwhelming experience. We made "Altered Swallow Book", something very different from all the stuff I've done so far. And Jen? She is such an inspiration! Great teacher and "down to earth" lady (the way we usually describe people we like from the first moment). Big credit goes to Kelsey who managed to get Jan to come to Western Australia.

Even though the day was "full on" most of us manged to finish the book, although, as usually, mine will undergo adding millions of details before I bind it toghether. Here is just a pick of the first page:

What a privilage to be thought by two great artists: Kelsey O'Mullane and Jenny Crossley!