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16 January, 2010

Some changes & back cover

Thanks to all of you for kind comments but it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't fiddle and change the projects. I found this rusty ring while cleaning my room and thought it would be perfect to enhance the torsos on the cover page. At the same time I finished the back cover as well.

Next week I'll be busy here at home with some renovations and than I'm on well deserved HOLIDAYS!!!!

14 January, 2010


I have started working on Technique Book 3. This one is going to be a bit different than the previous books. I will be doing the same classes but instead of making ATC's I will apply the same techniques on the larger surfaces. The reason? Many!!! Chronic lack of time (no need to think about 3 projects for the same page); exploring bigger surface; consolidating and expending skills combining different products and techniques; using existing products which I keep buying, storing and eventually forgetting that I ever bought them; and more importantly finding my way of self expression.

This is the cover page for the book although I think it would be better to display it on it's own. Who knows what the final project is going to look like. Just keep in mind that no camera or scanner can justify the colours and texture(I have tried every single angle to get the true colours and texture but...).