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13 June, 2010

Stealing out of necessity

Gently said life has been hectic lately. The sad thing is that it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Weeks have gone in working, working and only working… I did hit the low point when I simply couldn’t think, eat, sleep... I new I needed break but than I also new that there wasn’t time to do so. Frustration, frustration, lots of frustration. And than I did it: I stole it. I stole not a bit. I stole a big deal: a day only for myself! My soul. This is stealing out of necessity in order to be able to function again.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and took a new path: metal, etching, drilling, wiring… Oh, how it felt good. I'm still not comfortable with new tools but it is the beginning of something new. I know Jen (Crossley) is going to laugh because I told her not long time ago that I will never make a jeweller. And I probably won’t but I want to become a bit more comfortable with metal and wire. Long ago I learnt that any skill is a good skill and may come handy at some stage. So here we are: the first attempts.
"On Sunday's"

"Secrets of G Book"

Etched book cover...

...and closer look to beautiful colours...