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19 June, 2009

Time passing by

It's been crazy lately: hick ups with computer, work, work and more work. What's going on? All WOULD and SHOULD got so conflicted in the past two weeks. I had to choose between the two and once again SHOULD came before the WOULD. Sometimes I wish I could take time just for all the WOULD and discard the SHOULD but... I don't know if the life is becoming faster or I'm getting slower. Probably the combination of both.
Last Tuesday night we did Credit Card Technique in the class and I was exploring different colours so that I ended up having 24 backgrounds and no samples for the book. Well that's not bed, the thing that's bothering me is that I don't have a clue how to compose the new page. I was playing a bit today and finally manged to put up something together: Leonardo's Vitruvian man stamped on shrink plastic and stuck on the fly screen.

I'm too tiered to think whose stamps I used, may be Hero arts for the "Vitruvian man" and Paper Forest Design "Wrought Iron" plate 1 and "Comfort Zone".
Tomorrow is another day and my head may be more clear. For now all I need is good sleep.

02 June, 2009


After spending entire day doing nothing else than playing with this page now is the time to start thinking about working a bit around the home (ah you know – the boring stuff: cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking... For all of you who wonder: Yes , I do such things as well!!!).

As soon as I finished this post I realised that the contrast was to big for a tiny detail in the middle. So I had to do painting, scanning, changing all slides and republish the post (typical me - Miss Perfection). Judge for yourself if it was worth doing it but I'm happier with the result.

Leonardo's women

Addicted to shrink plastic? Possibly! Tissue paper background and Cherry Pie stamps worked well together although the scanner is letting me down (it just doesn't pick up all the colours that well).

01 June, 2009


I've been playing with shrink plastic for tomorrow's class (sorry Kelsey couldn't help myself) and this is the result:

I love "Frida Kahlo" stamp by Lost Coast Designs which with help of the "Ink spray" stamp by Cherry Pie was perfect combination.

The background for the new page is also ready so... only one ATC to go. I bet I will have the page finished before the class.

Coptic Stitch Binding: