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20 February, 2010

I'm back and going away again

I'm back on in blogger world. Wonder what I've been doing lately? My holiday was coloured with a shade of dark as my mother fell and fractured her right wrist. So she ended up having surgery and now we're having so many appointments to attend, I have taken cooking over (not my area of enjoyment,) housework and I'm back at work again. There is not enough time for creativity.
With this NO TIME I managed to make several cards and tags:

And than… I took a “little” job to make a card for of my nursing colleagues who retired recently. “Little and simple” is not in my vocabulary at all. From the Power point presentation I adopted photos and here is the “Farewell Card” I made between two shifts and you judge for yourself:

Cover Page

Page 2 - didn't have time to scan

Page 3 - has ID tag inside the cigar tin that I placed 5 minutes before giving the book away

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7 - inside slide mailer there are some photos from various functions she attended

Page 8 - Poem written by my colleagues which once again I didn't have time to scan

Page 9 - book with farewell wishes attached last minute on the ward

Back Cover

Binding - no time for taking picks (pity)

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take the photo of the book after binding as I was running late for work but the book caused a lot of oh's and wow's at the presentation. At the end of the day I know that the book has gone into good hands and that’s what makes the time and effort worthwhile.

Well it's time to start packing for the Creative Soul Retreat. There won't be any posts until some time in April but expect unexpected things on my blog.