Retrieved from Ashes

22 July, 2010

Few more details

First of all I would like to thank to all of you for the lovely comments on my work especially on this book. Finally the book has all what a book needs to be a book: the front page, back page, spine, binding... The only missing details are the last page (still one to go) and the photos of the finished work (for which I need more time).

19 July, 2010

New attempt in bookbinding

There are so many skills I would like to gain (but not enough time). Bookbinding fascinates me lately and I decided to give a shot without attending any classes (again - NO TIME). Anyway here is what I came up with and you guess what kind of stitch it is (BTW it was supposed to be Coptic stitch).

15 July, 2010

Buried Treasure 2010

I have been following Seth Apter's blog for a while and I don't have to tell you how much I admire his work. But what Seth does from time to time is bringing the collaborations and artists from around the world sign up and you get so many links to blogs and beautiful world of art. You know what amazes me most? Not the number of people signing up but the number of professional artist that join these collaborations. When the announcement for the Buried Treasures 2010 came up I was waiting for more links that I could follow. At the same time I got the comment from Seth for my latest project "Retrieved from ashes". Oh gosh, I couldn't believe that someone with his arty reputation would even bother visiting my blog.

Anyway, I must've got wings from his compliment and decided to join this collaboration without knowing what I'm letting myself into.

The first homework is to post one or more favourite posts that ever appeared on the blog. Gee, that's very tough call for someone who doesn't have years of experience not only in blogging but in art world all together. After long thinking (today is the D-day but lucky I live in Australia and even though our Thursday is just about to become Friday the rest of the world is just having morning tea or lunch). I decided to go with two posts:


... and "Art Vision"

What is coming now I'm not sure but Seth will let us know soon.

07 July, 2010

Title: "Retrieved from Ashes"

This book is taking ages but time is running out now. Mum is going home next month and the book has to come to an end. Finally I worked out the title for Mum's book: "RETRIEVED FROM ASHES". While I'm waiting for the new idea to arise here are few more details...

1. "DIPLOMAS" is made by using the old book covers as a background which are resting on layers of leather and gauze:

2. "NOSTALGIA" is another page symbolizing the country that disappeared in early 90's.

Beeswax! One of my favourite techniques for aging the pages... No other technique would make such an aged look. I'm so happy how this booklet turned out. I have billion ideas for the future projects but Mum's book is the priority.

I have been fascinated with bookbinding for a while and after studying several books (which did cost me quite a bit but lucky the exchange rate was very good -what a way to justify spending!!!!!).

I managed to learn one technique: Slip Knot Binding and gaining a new skill is priceless isn't it?

3. 1960: the frame was made from the pages of an old book which I glued together, burned and sealed with beeswax (once again nothing is better than BEESWAX!!!):

... and changes to previous details (typical for me: to critical for everything I do)... Looking the previous design I had feeling that something was missing but it takes a lot to find that "perfect" detail. I still think that this page is not quite finished yet and I'm continuing to think about what is it.

But one thing I can promise: the following two pages won't be changed any more.