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31 May, 2009

Leonardo's Page

Last class we did Tissue paper background and I have to admit I got a bit addicted to this technique. I've been playing with all possible shades of my acrylic paints so that I ended up with thousands of samples. I nearly forgot that I was supposed to finish the page for the Technique book.

As a finishing touch I stamped Leonardo's script and signature (Cherry Pie).

Next Tuesday is another highly addictive technique (Shrink Plastic) and I can't wait to start playing.

25 May, 2009

There is a world outside your window

I just found this little picture I made long time ago. Sadly I never scanned so many of similar before I gave them away.

23 May, 2009

Another page

Finally finished this page for my technique book (Sheer Heaven Transfer).

22 May, 2009


There are days like today when I'm wrapped in memories and emotions. I spent hours browsing YouTube and found so many things that took me years and years back. I had to save them on my blog. Everything has a meaning and relates to specific time/person.
I know that not many people would understand what all of this is about but as I said this is just for me. If you don't understand than simply skip it.

21 May, 2009

When did I start doing all of this?

For all of you who have been asking me "When did you start doing all of this?" here is the answer:

This card is responsible for spending less on designer clothes, shoes and bags. If you think that's a great thing than I have to disappoint you. I'm actually spending more money on the art material than I did on designer stuff.
I made this card two years ago for my surgeon. That was my way of saying thank you for digging and drilling through my shoulders. Well he did great job and I would trust him to do my hips and knees provided I would have surgery fully dressed (I hate just the thought of the ugly hospital gowns which you tightly wrap around your waste naively thinking that you're safe from the other people's eyes. I remember before both my surgeries I couldn't stop thinking about the EXPOSURE fact so that I forgot about all the risks that surgery itself might involve - probably it was a good thing at the end). Anyway I'm grateful forever to Greg for my still functional upper extremities.

So that's the story behind the card and my "discovery" of something I enjoy so much. I am passionate, and when I have passion for something I throw myself into it fully. Well I know that there are hypocrites who would call it obsession. I call it DEDICATION. Either way I am committed to whatever I do. Art has always been a big part of my life either admiring the other people’s work or attempting to express entire range of emotions. It is a reflection of what I feel. Over the years there have been hard times in my life. Times of big disappointments, emotional and physical struggle; times when everything inside and around me was breaking. But looking back all the difficult times have been often accompanied by the people who touched my life and affected it in a profound way. I have realized that even though some things have been horrible, painful and unfair, overcoming these obstacles I got to know my true potential, strength, willpower and heart. I'm sure that people who know me well will understand my art.

18 May, 2009

Today I got few new stamps from Marina (Cherry Pie Art Stamps) and couldn't resist to use them. The tissue paper background on a canvas I made yesterday came pretty handy and here is the final result:

Since I'm too short on time to keep up with this blog I decided to dedicate at least an hour a week to update the blog with all the stuff I have done before and will be doing in the future.

08 May, 2009

Finally found time to set up the basics. The layout is not exactly what I have in mind but will need to correct as I go. For the time being that’s it.

03 May, 2009

My website. Sounds strange! I can’t stop thinking: why do I need all of this? Do I really want the world to know what’s going on in my life? Well I still have the choice what to say and show, don’t I?
On the other hand there are so many people who are close to my heart but scattered around the world. It’s getting more and more difficult to keep in touch. It’s not only the distance and different time zones that separate us. It is the time factor, we‘re busier more than ever before. So having the website may be the way to keep in touch; just a mouse click and you walk into someone’s life without thinking what the time down under is? We’ll see…