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23 November, 2011

I'm still around

Yes, I am around but it's been very busy time. Painting the house proved to be too big job when combined with commitments at work. Not that I painted myself, there are professionals to do the job, but still moving the furniture, cleaning was big enough. The most difficult part was clearing the stuff from my studio but the outcome was more than satisfactory: I finally know what I really have!!!! Almost everything has been sorted and labeled so I don't loose too much time looking for things in the middle of inspiration. I have set up a little workshop in my garden for all the dirty work and the furniture for my indoor studio has been designed (even though it is going to take few months to have it installed).
So last evening I finally managed to finish some projects I started long, long time ago. There are still many of them awaiting to have the final touches but summer and longer days are coming and it is going to be easier to create.