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29 December, 2012

Getting into rusy things

I have collected huge amount of junk and sinse there is no room for another shad I decided it is time for cleaning (sadly I realised that I am still slower in creating than shopping).
Here is one of few projects: Canvas 30x25 cm.


23 October, 2012

Piece of jewelry

I did another class with lovely Stephanie Lee back in September and made my very first piece of jewelry that is completely finished (and already given away). Wire still frustrates me and even though I know that is only the matter of practice (which I refuse to do) the little wraps and loops don't look that bad (??????). Anyway I am very happy how it turned out and the person receiving it did like her present (that is all that matters).

25 September, 2012

Time for blogging...

This is just the short post to catch up with my blog. Unfortunately there is less and less time for blogging. I apologize to all my friends for not visiting their blogs for a while but life is too hectic, lots is happening and all my spare time I try to relax in my little studio.

Here are just some of the books that I have finished and given away and many more covers are awaiting for the signatures to be cut to size and bound.


23 June, 2012


Many have asked me if I'm still on the creative side and the answer is: YES!!! I have finished a new altered book and another one is just about to have the finishing touches. I know it is long time since my last post but I am trying to avoid another pressure in my life.

Well I have been doing bits and pieces and here is "Faithful" - an altered book made for an 80 years old New Zealand lady I never met but her daughter, a friend of mine, asked me if I could make a book for her mother like one I made for mine. For a short period of time I had ahead of me and limited supply and no time to browse trough the secondhand shops I'm pretty happy with the result. The only thing I regret is that I didn't have time to take as many photos as I would've liked especially the completed book after bookbinding it together. There are so many little books (albums) inside this book, all with different bookbinding patterns, and I hope I will get photos taken for me and have evidence of this piece.

23 February, 2012

More soldered books

My soldered books are getting bigger and I'm having more and more fun making them. Unfortunately I'm also running low on solder and have to find way to source lead-free solder from USA (it is such huge price difference). If anyone knows any company that would ship to Australia it would be much unappreciated.

03 February, 2012

Soldered texture

I'm still playing with solder and finally got beautiful texture and unique book cover.

28 January, 2012

Soldering and bookbinding

It's been busy here since my last post. The most important is that I have set up a little workshop in my garden and it's been pleasure playing without thinking about the mess around me. Even the high temperatures (40 +) haven't hindered me in enjoying extra space. Not to mention that I have spare room finally cleared from clutter and eventually labeled all draws and boxes with my little treasures. How good is it not loosing time and mind searching for things.

Finally I'm catching up with lots od projects I started but never finished. Here are some little soldered book covers I learned in Stephie Lee's on-line class. I hope you like them as I do.