Retrieved from Ashes

30 July, 2011

New page

I'm waiting for few bits to arrive from USA and the book "Gathered" will be finished.

22 July, 2011

I'm a thinker

Since return from the retreat I have been trying to finish the book before returning to work (once I start working there is not going to be much time left for creating). I admire people who manage to get all their ideas and material together during 2-3 day-retreat. I simply can't because I'm a thinker. Each new page I start, each layout, choice of colours and embellishments, everything I touch takes time until I manage to satisfy myself with a finished detail. Therefore I came to the conclusion: NO RETREATS anymore. I function much better in own environment.
In my last post there are pictures of the pages I finished on the retreat but I wasn't happy with lots of things. Therefore I have made some changes.

A bit closer...

18 July, 2011


I finally managed to download some programs on my old lap top. It took me half a day for all of this mainly because I needed to download all updates before I could even think of anything else. My "new" computer has gone for repair and will be back in 4-6 weeks. Nothing I can do about this but to be patient.

Last week I spent 4 days in Dwellingup (Western Australia) where 14 of us attended workshop with Nina Bagley and created altered book "Gatherings".

Here are some details (photos are not the best but better will come latter).

17 July, 2011

Major computer problems

It's been nearly 4 months since my last post mainly due to the problems with my computer. There are several reasons but I haven't stopped creating in mean time. As soon as I recover my little friend I will be posting more frequently.