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15 December, 2009


Hick ups with computer resolved and I have it back again. I felt really embarrassed when the technician told me that it was full of dust. Anyway it is clean, working and all my data is saved. That’s all that counts, isn’t it?

Well the time without the computer made my Mum very happy so she decided it was great opportunity to do some make over’s in and around the house which involved hips of money and my labour. Don’t misunderstand this statement; I’m glad she made me do all those things. The only problem is my chronically limited spare time so I ended up without Christmas preparation. This year there won’t be any Christmas cards, presents etc. as I didn’t do any shopping but I ended up with the best present for myself: beautiful garden and new floors.

Of course I struggled even with finishing the page for the Tech book 2 using smoosh technique and magic stamp for ATC’s. "Heartbroken" but happy it's over.

I have to print some images for tonight's class so no time (again) for any writing.


Jen Crossley said...

Dont stress too much about your computer and the sust that happens to everyones at somestage.
Bet your house and garden looks great
Have a Merry Christmas and a creative New Year

Samantha Marshall said...

They look fantastic!! Glad to see you back!!!

kelsey said...

Gorgeous as usual Svetlana! Can't wait 'til you post your one that you did tonight...wonder how it will scan? Probably won't do it justice (the computer never does), glad I saw it in the flesh!

NuminosityBeads said...

I like the moodiness of your ATC's
I've just started doing them recently myself.


carmen said...

A little less time spent on the computer would do most of us some good. You should post some pics of you new floor and beautiful garden. Otherwise we may not believe you.
We have to catch up soon.

jenny said...

These are perfect, my daughter is looking for a last minute quick gift to mkae for her office collegues and you have just come up with it...