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14 February, 2011

Before giving away

I bought big piece of green watercolour paper years ago with good intention to make Christmas cards for my friends. Since I don't like making cards (meaning my friends have never received any of handmade cards) this paper has been lying around and moved from one spot to another so many times.
Being in mood of recycling and clearing all the corners at home I decided to try to alter it (you can always throw things away if you don't like it).
Eventually I did like what became from scattering acrylic inks around.

Suddenly new book cover started emerging... Perfect for a birthday present for a friend.


Leslie said...

I love when that happens!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Beautiful work; your friend is very lucky!

Seth said...

What a great gift. I love what you did to the surface of the paper.

mands said...

hi Svetlana, that is a wonderful gift i love the finished book! you have a lucky friend xoxo

Samantha Marshall said...

Love this gorgeous book Svetlana!!! Your books are incredible. xx

jill Zaheer said...

What a wonderful new purpose for the paper. The book cover is just great- and love how you've created the layering with the lettering in the center. Very creative!

Gaby Bee said...

Gorgeous Svetlana! I'm sure your friend will love it!

I have been enjoying looking at your previous posts! All of the work I see on your blog is spectacular. Lots of great eye candy.
Your books are breathtaking! Looks like a collection you might find in a museum. Brilliant!

Hugs and Love,