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03 February, 2012

Soldered texture

I'm still playing with solder and finally got beautiful texture and unique book cover.


NuminosityBeads said...

Super effect with the solder, Svetlana. This piece reminds me of some of the locks I saw in N antique store in India. Of course the good ones wewre way out of my budget being hundreds of years old.
I always enjoy seeing what you come up with for your books.
xoxo Kim

Luthien said...

Amazing idea Svetlana and the result is stunning!!

Lucy said...

WOW Svetlana!
Is this all solder?
LOVE it!
Hugs Lucy

Samantha Marshall said...

Looks amazing Svetlana!!!!

Jen Crossley said...

This is amazing Svetlana

Gaby Bee said...

Outstanding!!!! I would love to know how you made the cover. Is this all solder? It's brilliant!

Gaby xoxox