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29 December, 2012

Getting into rusy things

I have collected huge amount of junk and sinse there is no room for another shad I decided it is time for cleaning (sadly I realised that I am still slower in creating than shopping).
Here is one of few projects: Canvas 30x25 cm.



Kimberly said...

Boy do I hear you on that one, Svetlana!
I seem to be more into the thrill of the hunt for supplies sometimes and feel oh so justified in collecting them especially if they are really cheap and free. This year my lampwork shop started to take off and suddenly I am finding not enough time for anything else and my assemblage and mixed media has fallen by the wayside in favor of keeping sales rolling along which is rewarding as well but not quite so creatively fulfilling at times.
I even threw some grungy supplies away and have quit picking things up that I find on the street or at thrift shops for now but I really need to find a good balance.
Happy New Year too you and I always love to read your posts and see your new pieces.
xoxo Kim

Seth said...

I love your rust-work Svetlana. So I am hoping that you don't clean it all and save some to create with!

Glenda said...

That is great Svetlana.