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19 October, 2009

Personal Taste

Ups... I did it again! I finished the page before the Dominoes class. This page is dedicated to Salvador Dali.

Dali is a Spanish painter, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his work. He was versatile artist employing the extensive symbolism in his work and that is what drows me to his art expression.

Cherry Pie art stamps has a good range of Dali's images (thanks Marina!!!) and they are great to use on dominoes.


Davinia said...

Now that's cheating Svetlana. You'll be ahead of us all in class now. I'm sitting next to you so I can cheat too. Love the page and the stamps are fabulous

lisa_crofts said...

oh svetlana these look fantastic better than mine on saturday lol. Ask kelsey which stamp i used omg. trust me.

Megan B said...

Love the spotlighting!! It looks great!! You girls are always showing your kinky side... I am waiting for one with a butterfly on it, LOL!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Love these domino ATCs-they're just beautiful!! Love the images, too.