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21 July, 2009

Look at this

, arty friend of mine, came along with some new stuff yesterday. She brought OPALS (embossing powders) and when I saw the screaming pink, green and orange my first thought was: "Oh my god, they just not mine piece of cake." I think she secretly read my thoughts when I brought my jar of bronze - thick embossing powder. We started with "safe" colours and made some lovely female torsos in black and bronze using flexible art moulds. I know they are a bit imperfect but... EMBRACE IMPERFECTION!!!

Next was clear thick embossing powder. We melted it in a melting pot, placed the frame over the rubber stamp in order to get some texture and pored melted powder over. The good thing about those powders is that they set very quickly (perfect for impatient). Than we painted them with Perfect Pearls and few medallions were done in a tick of a moment.

Well Dee left me to come to a "bright" idea to mix the colours using all the already disgraced screamers: orange and green which we mixed with black.

As we ran out of the frames we had to run to the Sraptivate and get some more and this time we made a lovely bracelet. It is such a shame that neither scanner or camera get the colours right.

At the end of the day I made another "MUST HAVE LIST" which includes believe it or not all the screamers and flexible art moulds. Well this order is going to wait for a while as I already ordered some new rubber from De Stempelwinkel, a Dutch company with some wicked rubber stamps.

I hope we will find some more time to get together again and do more exciting stuff. THANK YOU Dee for introducing me to a totally new world of possibilities.

Now I should start working on my last class page since I missed the class (read: forgot).


Davinia said...

We did good. I'm just about to put mine up on my blog. It was a fantastic day and such a lot of fun playing with the opals. Thanks for letting me have your melt pot (you know you get mine when it eventually gets here). You weren't supposed to tell anyone about our side trip to Scraptivate. My place next time.

kelsey said...

My Monday's at work wouldn't be complete without you popping into the store....obviously Davinia doesn't know this! lol

These were great and I'm sure that she's pleased she has her own melt pot now too!