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02 July, 2009

Nearly there

Well I completed all pages for this book but I'm not relieved yet. There are still some finishing extras to be added before I can call it: DONE! Once again I used Cherry Pie stamps (by the way this plate came on my must have list and the order is already on the way from Florida).

The Faux leather is one of my favourite techniques so I decided to make the back cover in this technique.

Since I don't have too much time to spare on writing (I try to use it for creating) I better publish this post and start binding the book.


kelsey said...

This page looks wonderful Svetlana! Love how you've used the stamps and thank you so much for them, they were a great birthday gift!!! Roll on Technique Book #2. ;-)

carmen said...

Svetlana, I always follow your blog but never leave a comment.
Love the lingering melancholy.
Deep and European.

Sam Marshall said...

Wow your art is so beautiful.