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05 August, 2009

Etched Necklace and Swallow Book

Here is my etched necklace I did last Saturday. I have to admit that I enjoyed the class until the jewellery part. I never did something similar and was totally lost holding all the tools, wire and so on… This is definitively not for me. I enjoyed etching big deal and will definitively try to explore more but jewellery…big NO!

All the girls in class made beautiful stuff although my favourite is Brenda’s necklace. Brenda is a friend of mine and it is pity that she doesn’t have a blog yet but her art is great and definitively needs to be shown.

I’m advancing with the Swallow Book as well. Altered cigar box:

To be continued...


Jen Crossley said...

Svetlana Its was so wonderful to meet you on the weekend.You book Looks totally amazing Girl.You were such a pleasure to have in the class.
I will make you a jeweller yet girl LOL

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Svetlana, Your necklace is awesome!!! I love it.
Your pages for your Swallow Book are fantastic.

kelsey said...

Don't hold your breath Jen!!! I don't think Svetlana will become a jewellery-girl. What's one of my sayings???......"Rock is dead, long live Paper & Scissors!". lol (and by "rock" I mean "jewellery"! hahaha)