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01 August, 2009

What a day!!!

My head is still spinning...Today's class with Jen Crossley has been such an overwhelming experience. We made "Altered Swallow Book", something very different from all the stuff I've done so far. And Jen? She is such an inspiration! Great teacher and "down to earth" lady (the way we usually describe people we like from the first moment). Big credit goes to Kelsey who managed to get Jan to come to Western Australia.

Even though the day was "full on" most of us manged to finish the book, although, as usually, mine will undergo adding millions of details before I bind it toghether. Here is just a pick of the first page:

What a privilage to be thought by two great artists: Kelsey O'Mullane and Jenny Crossley!


Karen said...

Yes it was a very long but oh what a great fun day!! I like how you put the 5 on this page and look forward to seeing your book once you have added your other bits.

Davinia said...

Looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it and hearing all about the class

Jen Crossley said...

Svetlana,You will give me a big head girl LOL.
It was so wonderful to have someone like you in the class so full of inspiration and the gleam in your eye warmed my heart your an amazing talent your self
Kelsey is such a wonderful and talent that one and a dear friend