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03 August, 2009

"Swallowed" few more

Although I attended another class today, Jen's "Etched necklace", I haven't finished it yet simply because it's too dark to fiddle with the miniature book. Therefore while dinner was in the oven and my house underwent self cleaning process I decided to finish few more pages for the Swallow Book.

Even though I still have to finish few more pages I couldn't resist the cover page. It is pity that the scanner doesn't show the true colours and effects.

To be continued...


Sam Marshall said...

It's so cool to see this book coming together, Whata a fabulous class.I love all the cool elements you've used.

kelsey said...

Can't wait to see this when it's all completed Svetlana and I KNOW you'll bring it in to show me! Now I just need to plan for Jen's next visit again and let you all know what cool thing she'll be teaching.

Jen Crossley said...

Wow the cover looks awesome!!