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21 April, 2010

60th birthday book

After 5 weeks holidays my first week back at work couldn't start busier:

  1. routine work on the ward (BTW I'm a clinical nurse on an acute surgical ward - orthopaedics)
  2. giving two in-services to the night staff
  3. preparing the meeting for the Orthopaedic Nurses Association of Western Australia (ONA WA) - where I was elected as a president while I was enjoying my life at the Creative Soul Retreat in Melbourne)
  4. preparing the ONA WA study day with which we are already running late
  5. and on the very first day the girls on the ward told me that "the team has decided" that I will be making a birthday card for our manager’s 60th birthday.

Oh dear... They don't understand that creativity, in my case, requires "a bit" of thinking time before I lay my hand on any projects. But people who know me (and the girls on the ward know me very well) know that I have a big problem with saying NO. So I added another job to my list "things to do" which had to be done within few days.

Back cover:

One of the book pages (guess whose):


Last page - Pocket for the gift voucher:

Front cover detail:

Finally finished but still drying...

Ready to go...

And the reward? The expression on my manager's face says it all...

Happy 60th Ronnie!!!