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10 April, 2010

CSR 2010 - Part 3 (Laurie Mika - Wearable Reliquaries)

The class with Laurie Mika was on the very last day which was a bit messy as we had to leave our rooms by 10 o'clock. This resulted in packing before the class and taking just the necessary: clay. Without my embellishments I felt a bit lost because I don't like working with limited material. I managed to make 2 reliquaries:


Nr. 2

...and I wasn't happy at all with a final result.

Since I had to overcome the feeling of disappointment I decided to make the most of the class and ended up with a kind of ATC (size is not exactly as it should be - my ruler was already in suitcase).


The next and the last was pure play in order to kill the time until the end of the class. The next piece managed to be backed and I finished it this morning.


Dear Laurie has made name badges for each students attending her classes (imagine the number of badges she made considering that she was teaching all 4 days).

All in all I'm much happier with the stuff now.

And Laurie... she is such a fun and inspiration. It was pleasure to spend some quality time with Laurie and her sister Lesley outside the workshops. Cheers Laurie, I hope we will see each other some time again.


lisa_crofts said...

Wow all your laurie art pieces look fantastic svetlana. YOu are too hard on yourself. xoxoxo

artymarty said...

Your pieces are great and the most important part is you got to learn some techniques to use again. I just bought her book and am loving going through it. I spy some wine in your room. Where was my invite? glad you had a great time.

Davinia said...

I'm so jealous you did a class with Laurie. I love her designs, her book is fantastic.

Kim Palmer said...

I agree, you are too hard on yourself the pieces look great Svetlana. I do sympathise with the uncomfortable feeling when you don't have all your usual supplies around. I go into a state of panic. Just having everything there keeps me inspired even if I don't use it all! Love the scars piece.

Laurie Mika said...

I are WAY too hard on yourself! Your pieces, esp.Scars are really wonderful, especially since you didn't even have all of your stuff with you!
I so enjoyed meeting you and hanging out with you too!

Samantha Marshall said...

They look absolutely AMAZING!!!! It looks like such a wonderful retreat. Hopefully I'll get there next year...

Eva said...

Hey Svetlana ... I very much LIKE what I see (your finished pieces)! Not sure what you're on about??? *slap* (lol)

And ... another thing ... you were great value at the Retreat ... excellent to meet and know!

Keep smiling!

Eva :-)

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful work Svetlana,s Love what you have made

kelsey said...

Yep, gotta agree with the others...but then I know that you're hard on yourself all the time anyway. Snap out of it girl, these look amazing and even better in the flesh!

Queen Of Toys said...

Love your creations and what an awesome teacher and assistant.

Brenda Grace said...

Scars is simply stunning!

Leslie said...

Nice work Svetlana. I love Laurie's work. I bet that was a great workshop!