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28 April, 2010

New Project - Book for my Mum

I know some of you are waiting for the "Just in Case" book I was making in Judy Wilkenfeld's class at Creative Soul Retreat. The truth is: it doesn't exist any more simply because I wasn't happy what I made. Instead I started my new project which still doesn't have a title but it is dedicated to my Mum. She is leaving in August and I have to finish it by than.

One of the pages I managed to finish...

Closer look to some details:

To be continued...


Lucy said...

Hey Svetlana, Your book is looking great, as does all your other art.
Sorry, been a while since I visited your blog.
Thanks for your friendship at CSR, you are a laugh a minute!
Hugs Lucy

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Svetlana-your book is STUNNING!!!