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07 April, 2010

CSR 2010 - Part 1 (shopping)

After 4 weeks of holidaying here I am again. I have to admit I have great difficulty to concentrate on reality and every day tasks. The time of travelling, sleeping in, fun and relaxation is nearly over. I have been away for 4 weeks and have seen and done so much: shopping and sightseeing in Melbourne, than 4 days at the Creative Soul Retreat in the Dandenong in Victoria, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and again back to Melbourne for more shopping (what a dangerous city for the Credit Card!!!).

The highlight of the trip has been Creative Soul Retreat at the Country Place Retreat in the Dandenong Rangers, Victoria. The big THANK YOU goes to Bevlea, Lucy and Eva who have done such a wonderful job in organising 4 memorable days for all of us who love art and creativity.

I have attended classes with Judy Wilknfeld, Jan Harris, Lauri Mika, Ro Bruhn and Jen Crossley's. I know it looks pretty suicidal to attend all those classes within 4 days but I took it easy and made sure that I had good social life as well. And I certainly had it. Poor Brenda, my room mate, she had to put up with late nights and early wake ups. I hope she is going to forgive me.

I know many of you would like to see what I have done over there. Because it's getting late I will start with shopping part first.

The day before the Retreat I went with Brenda to Abrakadabra, an antique shop which rather looks overcrowded and dusty room with a lot but really A LOT of great goodies. I got few bits and pieces but the biggest score was...

1. Antique Photo Album

Looking the photos this photo album is probably dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Take a closer look to the closure, pages and photos:

I love the closure...

...and the photos are stunning...

Shopping continued at the retreat.

2. Two necklaces from lovely Jen Crossley:

- altered old perfume bottle

- bird house: Time shall unfold

- book covers

3. Tinny booklet necklace from Judy Wilkenfeld

4. Two necklaces from Susan Lenart Kazmer

5. Embellishments

(unbelievable how they look tempting and dollar by dollar you end up few hundred dollars lighter)

This is the end of the shopping part but more is to come from CSR 2010 in next edition...


NuminosityBeads said...

That photo album is a treasure. I can see how the how the trinkets lightened your cash load too.
I love hearing about workshop retreats. I'm looking forward to hearing more!


Davinia said...

Can't wait to catch up and drool over all your goodies. It sounds like you did some serious shopping and so glad the retreat was everything you hoped for. Looooove the jewelry

Ro Bruhn said...

It was lovely to meet you Svetlana, the retreats are always wonderful places to meet like minded people. You certainly bought some beautiful treasures. I've taken Judy to Abracadabra, it's an amazing place, so many old documents. look forward to seeing your creations on your blog. Thanks for visiting mine too.

Kim Palmer said...

Wow the shopping looks great, I can see i would need a small fortune to spend! The necklaces are gorgeous. The classes were obviously fun and well worth the time spent.

Samantha Marshall said...

That is fantastic- you're so lucky!!!! I love all your purchases.

Jen Crossley said...

SO wonderful to spend time with you again. We had a wonderful time at the retreat you are very talented

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh my goodness you have been shopping, looks like heaps of fun.

Lucy said...

Wow Svetlana, just looked at all your retreat purchases, you must have been in a real spending mood!
Hugs Lucy